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MBSE is an esteemed institution accredited by Oxford, The British Council & Pearson, dedicated to enriching students' creative, intellectual, and educational endeavors. As a proud member of the Modern Schools of Egypt 2000 group, with a two-decade legacy, MBSE upholds a commitment to excellence.

Our curriculum, aligned with IGCSE standards, cultivates each student's proficiency and educational prowess. Beyond academics, MBSE fosters character development and leadership skills through a diverse array of extracurricular activities, empowering students to thrive in all facets of life.


MBSE is deeply committed to our core values, mission and vision. We pride ourselves on being the next logical step in your educational career. Our school endeavors to be an equitable, sustainable, inclusive learning destination for our students to be successful and can master their own lives. MBSE tools is using technology to broaden and support learning opportunities and focus on students' internal personal skills supporting each and every student to be a unique individual accepting variables and having a voice.


We exist to serve the educational, workforce and cultural needs of our students by creating innovative, sustainable, meaningful learning experiences and programs that drive success of our students both under the name of our school and beyond their experiences on campus. OUR CORE VALUES are the essential enduring tenets that convey the beliefs that positively influence our behavior. They define what is important to us as a community and they reflect our culture and guide our interactions.

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